The American Dream

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Jay-ZMarcy Projects, Brooklyn, October 6, 1998“We basically shot him in and around the Marcy Projects, where he grew up. I think he felt very comfortable. I love it because you never see him like this anymore. In a lot of the pictures, he’s kind of making fun expressions and stuff, and he just would never do that now.” - Chris Buck (Respect Mag Issue 2)


I’ve been told my creativity is dope but I want it to go far beyond that I want to blow people away with my work. I see people like Glyn (aka L3NF aka 448c aka the growing genius) and others my age or around it post their work and it honestly discourages me. And I feel as an artist if looking at another persons work makes you discouraged about your own work than that’s a problem…I plan to evolve my artistic mind

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omg too much to handle them cheeks